Welcome to Wholeness in Wilderness – a Mystery School for Women 

What we are up to is: Re-wilding, Re-membering our home on Earth, weaving ourselves back into the Golden Web of Life. Welcoming all the parts of ourselves home with love. Healing ourselves into aliveness. Living a Muse-led, Soul-infused Life. Hearing the call, making the journey to the One True Place you can call your own within the Web of Life, belonging because of and through your unique SoulSong and then returning, laden with gifts and the gold of initiation, to your people and to Earth Community. It matters that you take this journey, it matters to the whole of Earth Kin, now, more than ever. We are born for these times.

Online Courses, in person Programs, Online Soul Initation Mentoring. Ritual tending at the thresholds and passages of life.

Programs, Songs, Stories and Info: www.saramcfarland.com


„What are you going to do with this one wild and precious life?“ Mary Oliver

„Tell them, it is too late to save any life but your own. Tell them, the true life is waiting for you.“ The Cailleach