There is a part of me, a voice, if you will, in me, which is in all of us, that is deeply rooted in my indigenous ancestral ways, but also the ways of indigenous knowing that arise in this moment from my conversation with Earth. It is a way of being always in connection with Earth, the knowing that we ARE Earth, the dreaming of Earth. Each of us, when we go far enough back, has ancestors who knew how to listen to their dreams, to visions and deep intuitive knowing from their hearts, and the voices and wisdom of the Others in the more than human world. We still know how to do this. It is embedded in our DNA. It is a part of being truly Human. And I long to live every day in this knowledge and in these practices.

How difficult it is to do. So easy to forget. Martin Prechtel calls us the Holy Amnesiacs, we are the ones constantly forgetting in order to remember, in order to come back through ceremony and symbol to our deep relationship with Earth. It is impossible to do this on my own, for any of us to do this on our own. So difficult to stand in this truth and practice in these traditional ways that are indigenous and from the place where I live in the city. I need the Earth to remember me, to co-create ceremony with me. She is always there, the moment I remember to show up. And, I need you, need other humans to help me, be with me in sacred relationship with Earth, to Re-Member ourselves and remember the practices of our ancestors.

Honoring our mother, the Earth, together in ceremony and ritual, in seminars and in the largest conversation we can have with the cosmos.

And what it is that keeps me from remembering, from living in deep conversation with Earth every day? Fear. My own fear of being seen as weird, maybe. My fear of losing connection with the culture, maybe, disappearing into the wilderness, never to be seen again. My fear of going crazy, of showing myself, of saying yes to the deepest calling of my Soul. Fear of saying yes to my Soul Path in a way that changes me, aligns me so deeply with how Earth longs for me to be, that I step even more fully into my power. Fear of my power. Fear.

How to move beyond fear and into love, into remembering our relationship with the More than Human World? Please and Thank you. Firstly, asking permission for what we take in order to nourish ourselves, from our wholeness rather than our sense of smallness and lack, acknowledging the Agency and Thou-ness of the Others. We do this with other humans, asking before we take is good manners. Secondly, Gratitude- to Earth for our life, for this moment, for everything we receive every day in order to nourish our lives.