The Soul, as I understand it, is the exquisite uniqueness that you are, that each of us is. The Soul is the individual blueprint of who you really are and who Mystery is longing for you to become. It is your own place in the Universe. It is the root of all your longings and your most creative and beautiful expression of aliveness that you bring to the world through your gifts and abilities, your dreams and values. The Soul waits for us in the Underworld, the place of dream and magic, our shadow and hidden qualities of ourselves, goddesses, gods, monsters and allies and beings from other realms. We could say that becoming an adult is discovering our soul in the underworld and courting her, bringing her back with us in our own hearts, to be our guide and our essence for the rest of our lives. The path through the Underworld is fraught with Mythological kinds of Peril within our own psyche, but it also comes with gifts. Our Soul is at home in the Wilderness, it is, after all, our most wild essence. When we go out of doors, when we slip through the doors of perception and the portals of this world into another, more mysterioius and magical world, we are likely to meet more than human guides that teach us the language of the birds, or human guides that show is how to track, to make fire and sleep outside. And we learn the wild language of our own hearts, we listen with our dreams to the dreaming of the earth, we discover we too can remember the Stars singing to us, their voices from before we were born. The Path is alluring and beautiful and dangerous to our idea of who we are; this is no place for the ego to succeed or achieve, it is the path that will take everything from us and give everything to us. The Underworld is a place of transformation and initiation, it is the path home to who each of us truly is.