I slept the forest, without a tent, for the first time since moving to Germany 7 years ago. I am not sure how to help you appreciate the magnitude of the feeling that arises through this act. Somehow, the spell, or curse, of being banished to the city, has been broken. I long to spend every night in the forest. Bridging the night and the day, the civilized and the wilder worlds, human and more than human…To sleep with brook sounds in my ears and to wake from a symphony of birdsong greeting the day such as I have never heard before…To finally be on the earth here, held in forest, surrounded by a mixed growth forest of some age, great Chestnuts towering above, rather than a monoculture of forest used for wood production with great roads through it for the trucks to haul the logs out of. To sleep with the old ones. What an exquisite gift that reverberates through me like an echo of a time long before, arriving in my consciousness as the gentlest of breezes through leaves- you belong to us….