Imagine, you are standing on the shores of a beautiful Lake, the sun is setting and the colors of red, rust, orange and gold streaked with pink are arcing through the sky, lighting up the clouds. The surface of the lake is still and the reflection of clouds, trees, colors and light are perfectly reflected, as in a mirror. It is a warm day, you have stood in the sun for the last hour watching the sun set, entranced by the beauty, and you want nothing more than to dive into the water- silky, cool, smooth water on your naked body- the animal of you longing for the sensual contact with water, with the cool depths. The wild heart of you in such contact with the beauty of the colors reflected in the water that you want to feel them painted on your body by swimming in the mirror of the lake. This is Soul Lake. This is the entrance to the descent to the encounter with your soul; the place you were born to fill in the universe, the one that only you, not someone like you, but exactly you, were born to be. This is the move towards the answer to the longing that you have felt the last months, or maybe years, the answer to the dreams, the fantasies and hunches that have visited you in daydreams and night dreams, in the wild unvisited places of your inner life and in the call of raven or owl, the whisperings of the wind in the trees and grasses.

Now imagine, you are standing on the shores of the same lake, you experience an uneasiness in the pit of your stomach. You are not happy, not satisfied with your life- you cannot really see where you are or notice the colors of the sunset because your head is beset by mosquitos; they buzz around you, annoying you, distracting you with their sound and with their relentless biting and bloodsucking. You think, you are sucking the life out of me! You think, get the fuck away from me! And then you think, I need to go away from the water’s edge because it is a breeding ground for mosquitos. And you leave Soul Lake, without really having noticed it, instead, driven half mad by the mosquitos, you flee…Or, if you stay, you whip out your cell phone and order the latest mosquito killers- sprays and oils for your body as repellant or as poison- or you order the newest trap in order to lure the mosquitos away from you. Or you are busy cleansing, trying to get the impurities out of your blood which must be attracting the critters. Or you blame yourself, thinking it is your fault that the mosquitos are around you, and probably only you. You are so busy there at the waters edge that you do not notice where you are, you are totally focused on eradicating the mosquitos, becoming more and more angry, nervous, hopeless and helpless.

Which story is your life right now? Are you dealing with too many mosquitos? Are you distracted and annoyed by all the little things flying around in your head or clamoring for your attention and energy?  Or do you feel the call to go into the deep waters, knowing that the mosquitos will not follow you once you have left the shore. Knowing that the one true life you are called to live is waiting for you to dive down and claim it out of the depths.

The Coaching I offer, as a wilderness guide within the inner and outer wildernesses, can help in both cases- the first one, the longing to dive into Soul Lake, is a call that must be answered when it is heard, but the journey need not be travelled alone- I empathically accompany those who are on such journeys with an integrity that allows you to risk everything for the one true life you are born to live. In my role as a guide, I am part confidant, part trickster and at the end of the journey, I am waiting on the other shore as your welcoming party and the anchor for your transformation.

However, if the work right now is to free yourself of the mosquitos, to build resources, that are the true repellant, I am totally committed to helping you move from helplessness to wholeness, to access the power and clarity that is necessary to make the plunge when, and only when, it is time. Stress, Burnout, Exhaustion, Illness, inner Discombobulation, Overwhelm, Trauma- all ask for a compassionate response and the holding that is possible through bodywork, time spent in wilderness and semi-wilderness, relationship with the right herbal medicines and truly deep nourishment of the body in order to heal and return to wholeness.

Please contact me for a free 30 Minute Discovery Session in order to meet with me, to explore what working with me would look like, and, if I am the right guide to accompany you on your path- whether to your own wholeness or to the dive into Soul Lake.

In Wilderness,