Welcome to the Touching Soul blog. I am delighted to share my thoughts and experiences with you in order to foster dialogue and partnership on the journey to Soul. Each one of us has a unique place in the ecosystem that is Earth. Each one of us has a web of relationships from that place, expanding outwards, that weaves into the Golden Web of Life, which becomes the Hologram that the Universe is. This Soul-Place is our unique way of being in the world, the deep Truth of one’s own, the answer to the question- who am I? This is the complement to the spiritual truth that we are all one. I do not call myself a spiritual guide, though others may call me that, rather, a Guide to Soul or a Soul Initiation Guide. Guiding you on the Journey to Soul, to remembering and stepping into that Place in the Universe you ARE, is my calling. It is my service to you, to Earth, and to the life on this planet in 500 years. We are in perilous times, and it is more important than ever to wake up from the Nightmare that the Over-Culture Paradigm has become and step into the Dream of the Earth, remembering our Wholeness and our Resiliency, remembering our relationship with all of life, encountering our Soul, as Bill Plotkin speaks of, is the single most powerful way to make change in our world. It is the way of creating a Nature connected, wilderness honoring, healthy community of elders and initiated people – True Adults, to support those in adolescence and childhood to walk their singular Path of Beauty to their Soul-Place.