There is a wind coming in from the southwest, out of our dreams, that our souls can feel blowing across the wild landscape. It is a wind that promises change, dying of the old, renewal of the ancient future… It may be the end of the current paradigm. What if it were the breath of the new life? The gathering of the dreams of the earth being dreamed through us in visions, prayers, art, ceremony… I believe it is the Third, beyond the binary of Matriarchy and Patriarchy, the way forward that is being dreamed by the earth through us, which we co-create.

Women, do you feel it? This lustful pull in your womb? It is the creation of the new life that is being whispered through our bodies. We are the Mothers of the Future, whether we bear physical children or not.

Queer family, do you dream it? We are the guides of the future, building the living rainbow bridge with our bodies, beyond Male and Female, our lives between all binaries. The Queer Folk are the birthing assistants of the Third…

What is it that needs to be accomplished to lay the foundation of Love? Much Self-Healing and becoming Whole, for example, through-

°Healing the Trauma of the Patriarchy in Women’s bodies- Fear of our own power, fear of our passion and strength, fear of the destructive power of the moon blood, the Dark Lady that serves in Love the transformation of life from life to death to life.

°Healing the Trauma of Civilization, especially in Queer and Female bodies- we all carry the echo in our bodies of being at some point in our native ancestral history invaded, oppressed and civilized. The Trauma of becoming the oppressors and the upholders of the civilization. The trauma of not having been born in a healthy culture that is in partnership with the wilderness and with the elements. The trauma of not having initiated elders to raise us and welcome our gifts but rather growing up with patho-adolescent older people who do not themselves know who they are. The traumaof living in cities with the sound and light pollution, EMF and chemical toxins in the air and water and earth. 

°Healing the Trauma of the destruction of theWilderness, especially in Queer and Female bodies- We carry the destruction of the Wilderness and of the Earth and Other-then-Human world in our bodies because what is feminine and what is two-spirit has been ostracized, feared, hated and reviled for thousands of years. The wilderness has been treated in exactly the same way. 

In the wind, is the voice of the future children whispering back to us, praying to us to be the ancestors they long for. We do this work not for our lifetime, but for the world in 500 years. So that there is a world. And humans in it. And the Other-than-Human World becomes again our friend and ally instead of our property or natural resource or garbage dump or a place of spiritual materialism. I am called primarily to work with Women and Queer ones, as well as some very special men who serve the Divine Feminine. As a Lesbian and a Witch, I am one who sits outside of the culture, in the Hedge, the place between wilderness and cultivated fields where the most potent healing plants thrive. I am one who weaves and heals the Golden Web of Life. Each being a necessary part of the Whole.