Soul Storyteller

I am a Soul-Story teller. I tell the stories of initiation from the times long ago and the times yet to come, where people are seen and celebrated in the community for the unique place in the universe they occupy and the gifts they bring. The process of initiation is arduous and sacred, spelunking into the depths of the Underworld where beings of unexpected never before seen beauty await alongside monsters, shadow elements of our psyches and the collective wounds of our ancestors. These beings all have stories to tell us, they have treasures hidden inside riddles and questions that shake us to the very marrow of our being. This is a dangerous and alluring undertaking. And it can be helpful to have signposts, guides, mentors, spirits and unexpected help from the other world…Stories show us the way and guide us, carry us in a boat made by our ancestors to the center point of our lives, of what it means to be human, of what it means to be cooked by life to make out of our one precious life a beautiful meal for the holy. The old stories told with drum and mask and song by a shapeshifting One who knows how to follow the strands of the Golden Web of Life, allow us to dive deep into a world of magic, of mystery, to catch a fleeting glimpse of that fantastical being that we are, as David Whyte says, at the center of the image we were born with.