Ritual and Ceremony


Ritual is most often a way of making something invisible, visible, to ourselves, our Souls, Mystery, the More-Than-Human-World or the human world. It may be a way of saying yes- to a passing, a beginning, a journey, a transformation or a responsibility. It may be a commitment, a “Promise it would kill you to break”, as poet David Whyte says. It is certainly a place outside of time and space, between the worlds, where the normal rules are temporarily suspended and you can be, do or change anything. It is a Time-Place of magic and of dream. I sensitively and skillfully co-create, with you and Mystery, ritual and ceremony to support phases of Transformation and Change, Rites of Passage, Dying, Grief, Celebration, and Questing. I am honored to work together with you to find a way to claim, mark, or clear whatever it is in your life that needs to be witnessed at this time. We meet and I listen, ask questions, feel into what is needed, and speak with you and offer my experience and training in holding space and in creating ritual. I may offer you invitations to go out on the Land in a semi-Wild place and engage in a numinous conversation with Mystery in order to go deeper into clarifying the reason for or preparation of the Ritual. I trained as a buddhist priest and have spent many years in a deep and personal spiritual exchange with the natural world as well as being versed in nature-based, pan-cultural nature-based spiritual practices.

There is no set Fee for Ritual work, I believe that an offering, trade or donation, is more appropriate to the task of ritually and creatively working with spirit and soul than a set price. I ask for payment for my time when we meet for preparation. 85€ per Hour.