Wilderness Guide Mentoring

Sara McFarland, mentor and personal wilderness guide through the inner and outer wilderness


Within the process of healing yourself into Wholeness, you activate the resources to incorporate more and more of the hologram you are. You live a life of authenticity and passion, creativity and aliveness. Re-membering yourself as a part of the whole of the body of Earth, following your own strand in the Golden Web of Life until you arrive at the crossroads of Soul and Mystery

Your Soul is the one true place you can call home, your deepest Self, the one you came here to be and the mytho-poetic-ecological niche you came here to fill, that no other can. It is the particular and unique way you belong to Earth. The journey to Soul is one of allurement and a certain kind of danger to the old life you have been living. Mystery beguiles and blesses us, confounds and conjures us with images from the essence of our heart. On this journey to the center of the earth you are, it can help to have a guide to support you move through the uncharted territory of dream, longing, wilderness and Soul. I am a Guide through the wilderness of the Underworld on your unique journey to Soul and I would be honored to travel with you.

The medicine needed is a re-membering of Wholeness within the Earth Community and a re-wilding of the human psyche and body to a more indigenous way of belonging to the earth.

I am a Soul Initiation Guide, with your help, reweaving the Hologram of the Golden Web of Life. It is my service to you, to Earth, and to the life on this planet in 500 years. Mentoring with me is to say yes to your Wholeness and Self-Healing capacity and yes to your Journey to Soul and the discovery of the wildest and most essential part of yourself. 

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We meet for an hour and a half over Zoom and deepen into Dream, Deep Imagery journeys, track Soul-filaments or Self-Healing and Wholing voices in you. At the end of the call, I will give you invitations for you go out on the land for a Wholeness or Soul wander and then we meet for half an hour for you to tell me the story of your time out. This is a chance for me to catch the filaments of Mystery and Soul moving through your story, to mirror back to you what I hear with my heart-ears, and to ask deepening questions to help you deepen into the experience. I then give you suggestions and exercises for practices to further deepen your experience and integrate any shifts into your daily life. Suggested frequency is once a month. 

over Zoom – 1 to 1.5 Hours

Sliding Scale 50 – 100 Euros per Hour

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