Wilderness Guide Mentoring

Sara McFarland, mentor and personal wilderness guide through the inner and outer wilderness


I am passionate about this life, here on this Earth, right now, in this time. We are in perilous times, and it is more important than ever to wake up from the Nightmare that the Over-Culture Paradigm has become and step into the Dreaming of the Earth. 

I believe it is our birthright as a human to remember our Wholeness and our Resiliency, to remember our relationship with all of life and to encounter our Soul (in the way Bill Plotkin speaks of Soul: your Place or Niche in the Universe, or, the largest web of relationships you embody). The encounter with our own Soul and embodying her in the world in service to the Holy in theWild, is, I believe, the single most powerful way to make change in our world. It is the way of creating a Nature connected, wilderness honoring, healthy community of elders and initiated people – True Adults- to support those in adolescence and childhood to walk their singular Soul Path of Beauty to their own Soul-Place.

The greatest illness of our time is what I call Civilization Trauma, which is the devastating effects of our civilization on both the human Psyche and the World Soul, caused by the dissonance inherent within the disconnection between our consumerist based daily life and the more-than-human world. This is especially difficult for Women, Highly Sensitive Individuals (of all genders), and those who live with Burnout, Trauma, Lyme and ME. We feel the dissonance more acutely. Partly because we too have been caught in a trap that maims our Wild Souls, and partly because we are ones whose Nervous System is made to pick up on the subtle Energies of Earth and her creatures.

The medicine needed is a re-membering of Wholeness within the Earth Community and a re-wilding of the human psyche and body to a more indigenous way of belonging to the earth.

I am a Soul Initiation Guide, with your help, reweaving the Hologram of the Golden Web of Life. It is my service to you, to Earth, and to the life on this planet in 500 years. 

Mentoring with me is to say yes to your Wholeness and Self-Healing capacity and yes to your Journey to Soul

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PERSONAL WILDERNESS GUIDE ~ Outside – 3-4 Hours (incl. my travel time)

We meet in the landscape of the natural world, in a powerful process of coming into contact with our own wholeness through the wholeness of the wildness around us. As Martin Shaw tells us, there is perhaps little wilderness in Europe, but there is still wildness. Within you, and within the matrix of the other than human world around you, there is still wildness to be found. The focus here, is to understand ourselves as a part of the natural world around us and to return to the feeling of wonder and being at home that is evoked within our deepest selves when we are out “on the land”.  The other than human world remembers and recognizes our souls, our truest and most unique Self, as well as our wholeness and the parts of us that are still needing to be integrated or welcomed home. Exploring the landscape of the Body of the Earth, we explore simultaneously the landscape of our Psyches. Our time together is divided into three parts in which we 1. enter the landscape of your heart as well as the landscape of the wildness around us, 2. spend time together or you spend solo time in self designed ceremony or out on the land with an invitation for a wander, and 3. tell your story, in order to be seen and heard in your new wholeness, and be mirrored by me to deepen the experience. Contact with the earth body and our own bodies, Wanders, drumming and sound, 4 Directions Circles, self-designed ceremony, art practices, etc.

  ~ over Zoom – 1 to 1.5 Hours

In this case, we meet for an hour and a half over Zoom and deepen into Dream, Deep Imagery journeys, track Soul-filaments or Self-Healing and Wholing voices in you. Or we meet for an hour, and you go out on the land for a Wholeness or Soul wander and then we meet for half an hour for you to tell me the story of your time out. This is a chance for me to catch the filaments of Mystery and Soul moving through your story, to mirror back to you what I hear with my heart-ears, and to ask deepening questions to help you deepen into the experience. I then give you suggestions and exercises for practices to further deepen your experience and integrate any shifts into your daily life. Suggested frequency is once a month.