Touching Soul Wilderness Guide

Personal Guide in the inner and outer Wilderness


especially for Women, Highly Sensitive Individuals (of all genders), and those who live with Burnout, Trauma, Lyme and ME

The greatest illness of our time is, I believe, what I call Civilization Trauma, which is the devastating effects of our civilization on both the human Psyche and the World Soul, caused by the dissonance inherent within the disconnection between our daily life and the natural world. The medicine needed is a re-membering of Wholeness within the Earth Community, a re-wilding of the human psyche and body to a more indigenous way of belonging to the earth, and an encounter with one’s Soul, which is one’s unique place in the Universe.

My calling is to heal the Golden Web of Life, as it manifests within your body and energy-body and in the Earthbody in the moment in time we meet, into the past and out of the future. I use all of the tools- physical, energetic and spiritual- I have learned and received, to support you towards wholeness and the building of inner resources in order to reduce your stress level, to learn to love yourself and to stand in your power.  I do not offer the solution to your problem, which I understand as a symptom. Rather, I offer guidance on the path to the Soul; following the deepest longing we each carry, to come home to oneself- being at home in the body, experiencing oneself as part of the wild earth, saying yes to life, knowing one’s unique place in the Earth Community. It is your unique path, and it is the original path, as David Whyte says, to the Image at the center of the Truth you were born with, in other words, your Soul.

I work especially with folks who experience themselves as Highly Sensitive, which is a particular way the Nervous System is structured in 15-20% of all Mammals, including humans. This is often experienced as lessened ability to filter one’s sensory input, a lower threshold for pain, and a higher experience of empathic information from others (human and more than human Others). In my own experience and in my practice, those of us who are Highly Sensitive especially suffer from the trauma of having been domesticated. Highly Sensitive men often suffer much in the current paradigm, feeling as if they do not belong and not knowing where to go with their heartbreak and depth of empathic response to the world’s suffering. Women, also, have a particular way of experiencing the current paradigm which can feel oppressive, repressive or restricting, or even violent. Ancestral trauma and the lineages of oppression (on both sides of the “fence”), as well as family wounds, also play a significant role in our sense of Wholeness and resiliency.


TOUCHING SOUL TREATMENTS ~ In my office – 2-3 Hours

We spend time together at the beginning, listening to the story that is being told through you. Moving from the personal to the mythical, the woundedness to wholeness, lack to resource, we explore the deep themes and facets of your wholeness and fragments that need integration. As if you were a part of the landscape, fitting into your own ecological niche, we explore the map of your psyche.

The next step is to bring your story into your body through bodywork, deep imagination, coming alive in your senses and opening to your feelings. Mystery is invited to guide us through this portion of the treatment while we chart the Map of your psyche onto the physical landscape of your body, weaving a path of wholeness between the apparently disparate or separate parts. This weaving together of you within the Golden Web of Life, re-members your original wholeness rather than focusing on your brokenness, and encourages parts unknown or previously off-limits to slowly make themselves available to be seen and felt.  Drumming or sound, voice and spoken words are often incorporated during the bodywork, sometimes we create a “4 directions circle” within which to invite a part of your Self to be with you in a new embodied way (before or after the bodywork). 

Afterwards, you tell your story from the journey of the bodywork and we work together to bring it over the threshold into every day consciousness, to deepen any insights and shifts and to integrate them into your sense of self through, for example, mirroring, art practice and movement. And I always give an invitation to go out into Nature to further explore and deepen what you are currently working with. This, then, becomes a part of the Story at he beginning of the next session.

Caring for the physical Body through Shamanic Bodywork, Ortho-Bionomy®, Frequency Treatment for Trauma release, Nutrition and Gut Health, Herbal Medicine and Flower Essences

Caring for the Psyche through Nature-based Practices for Wholing and Self-Healing, for example: the Labyrinth Path: 4 Archetypes of the Woman’s Spirit, Dream work, Shadow work, Ancestral healing and Ritual practices

Caring for the Spirit through Ritual and other nature-based spiritual practices

Caring for the Soul through Soulcraft® practices, for example: Dream Work, Drum Journeys and other Consciousness-shifting practices, invitations to go out into wild places


PERSONAL WILDERNESS GUIDE ~ Outside – 3-4 Hours (incl. my travel time)

We meet in the landscape of the natural world, in a powerful process of coming into contact with our own wholeness through the wholeness of the wildness around us. As Martin Shaw tells us, there is perhaps little wilderness in Europe, but there is still wildness. Within you, and within the matrix of the other than human world around you, there is still wildness to be found. The focus here, is to understand ourselves as a part of the natural world around us and to return to the feeling of wonder and being at home that is evoked within our deepest selves when we are out “on the land”.  The other than human world remembers and recognizes our souls, our truest and most unique Self, as well as our wholeness and the parts of us that are still needing to be integrated or welcomed home. Exploring the landscape of the Body of the Earth, we explore simultaneously the landscape of our Psyches. Our time together is divided into three parts in which we 1. enter the landscape of your heart as well as the landscape of the wildness around us, 2. spend time together or you spend solo time in self designed ceremony or out on the land with an invitation for a wander, and 3. tell your story, in order to be seen and heard in your new wholeness, and be mirrored by me to deepen the experience. Contact with the earth body and our own bodies, Wanders, drumming and sound, 4 Directions Circles, self-designed ceremony, art practices, etc.


  ~ over Zoom – 1-3 Hours

In this case, we meet for an hour or two over Skype before you then go out onto the land alone (with an invitation for a wander from me) and then we speak again for an hour when you return, either on the same day or at a later time. I then give you suggestions and exercises for practices to further deepen your experience and integrate any shifts into your daily life. Suggested frequency is once a month. 


My Mentoring Fee in my Practice or on the Land is 85€ an Hour, Zoom Mentoring is 75€ an Hour


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