Seminars and Workshops

There are always free information evenings leading up to a weekend seminar. If you are unable to attend an Info Evening in person, there is also a free information Skype call a month before a program. You can get more Information or sign up for a seminar by sending me a mail!

My Wilderness Guiding is about returning to Wholeness, returning to Earth, returning to the body, coming home to our Soul Place in the Multiverse:

Especially for Women of every sexual orientation and phase of life:

Women’s Spiral of the Year – Celebrating the Rituals of the Celtic Wheel of the Year- Witch’s Sweatlodges, Rituals and Festivals on the 4 Sun Festivals (Solstices and Equinoxes) and Cross Quarter Days (Brigid, Beltane, Lughnasad, Samhain),

Cailleach’s Cauldron- the 4 Goddess Archetypes of Feminine Power – the Labyrinth as a Medicine Wheel of the Four Directions, a cauldron of Wholeness and Self-Healing. These Seminars are created to help each woman return to her center, grounded in herself and in the natural world, and reclaim her own power. Wholeness means: resources, emotional resiliency, vision, creativity, self-care. Self-Healing is for: the inner child and wounded one, the escapist, the inner critic, the shadow. When a woman is in her Wholeness and Power, she is aligned with the forces of nature and with her own deepest nature. This opens the doors of perception, the portal between the worlds for soul to sing her own song to her, enchanting her, singing her into her deepest and most truest place in the universe.

Witch’s Cauldron Sweat Ceremonies – In the womb of the Great Mother, we heal, pray, praise and birth our own hearts into the world.TBA

Transformation and Healing in the Cauldron of the Belly – Healing our relationship with our Womb, our Digestion, and how we Nourish Ourselves – Gut health, hormonal health, sexual health, spiritual health, emotional health.

The Witches’ Kitchen – nourishing the Wilderness inside us with Wild Foods and Wild Medicines – Fermentation, Kefir and Kombucha, recipes, wildcrafting herbs for vinegars and oils.

Soulstories – Women’s Initiation Stories – We all know the Hero’s Journey, but what is the journey of the Feminine? It is, I believe not the journey of being a Heroine, rather, it is the journey to Soul that dances the Path of the Labyrinth  of Wholing and Self-Healing with the 4 Archetypes of the Goddess and arrives at the center, to meet Cailleach, the old woman of the underworld, of weather and winter and the dying of the old to make way for the new. The way is unclear and overgrown, mostly forgotten or destroyed, but we can still hear the whisperings within the old Myths and Stories that have come down to us from long ago, out of the land and the through the dreaming of the women ancestors.

For all Genders:

Wilderness is Medicine – Weekend training for those in the healing professions for self care, burnout prevention and resiliency. September 29 – October 2, 2018

Vision Fasts – 12 day program, 4 of which are spent solo, fasting on the land (for women and men)

Ancestral Healing and Grief Rituals

Community Seminars for Wholing and Self-Healing, especially for established Groups and Communities (Intentional Communities, Non-Profits, Organizations etc. made up of mixtures of all Genders and Ages). Sadly, sometimes our best intentions and deep vision are not enough to create a deep and lasting community or organization that can be a catalyst for change in the world. In order to support the Great Turning, we need to first heal ourselves and each other within the basket of the community or organization. Most of us no longer grow up in intact, nature-based communities, with elders to guide us through rituals of praise and grief. But we all come from an ancient connection to the land that we can remember. Connection to place, the 4 Elements, the natural world within which the community is embedded is a vital resource for the whole and a way of grounding ourselves within the world we so love and long to save. It makes our work as change agents more effective when we come from wholeness within ourselves and the community of the other than human world. Building resources in the individual, ways of communication and conflict resolution within the community, self-healing old patterns and wounds that disintegrate community dynamics are important threads of the basket of our work together. Within my capacity as Mentor, I weave elements of wilderness guiding, practices of Wholeness and Self-Healing in Nature, Council practice and sacred speech, dreams, visioning, bodywork and movement, creative expression and self-designed ritual into 5 day workshops with individual sessions before and after for the community members.