The human body and the body of the earth are one.
Through contact with one we touch both, the inner and the outer wildness meet in one moment of touch.


Welcome to Touching Soul, the place where bodywork, soul, the natural world and our own human nature meet. Within this Web of Wholing and Self-Healing, you are supported to become more of who you truly are. Your Soul is the one true place you can call home, your deepest self, the one you came here to be and the mytho-poetic-ecological niche you came here to fill that no other can. The journey to Soul is one of allurement and a certain kind of danger to the usual life you have been living. Mystery beguiles and blesses us, confounds and conjures us with images from the center of our very heart. On this journey to the center of the earth you are, it can help to have a guide to support you move through the uncharted territory of dream, longing, wilderness and Soul.