The Volcano is a deeply meaningful image for me of my own power as a woman, and as one who works as an initatory Guide. It is my connection with the center of the earth, the fire of life that flows through me, and also my offering in the world. In Hawai’i, Pele is the Volcano Goddess and she is loved and honorred as the mother of earth. THat red molten rock becomes new soil full of minerals that bring life. She is often seen as an old woman, walking along the Volcano’s rim. The old woman, Cailleach, in Scotland is also an important figure for me, keeping the stories of rememberance  of how to live in the old way of connection to the natural world as the animal we are as well as to offer beauty to nourish that which feeds us- the Holy in the Wild.

As a Wilderness Guide, I support you to become Whole through practices of Integration and Self-Healing. The opportunity I offer is grounded in building resources, healing the past and the future in the present, welcoming home exiled parts of ourselves, courting a living relationship with the natural world, remembering our own wildness, emotional aliveness and authentic self, dreamwork, creativity and visionary practices, deep imagery journeys to meet inner guides, aspects of our wholeness and other wild ones from the dreaming of the earth, community building, spiritual practices, ritual and ceremony rooted in the natural world mixed with your own beliefs and inner knowings, grieving and praising, tracking the trail of your longings and preparing oneself for the journey of an initiatory process of becoming a true adult. I call forth aspects of my training in ritual, nature coaching, the Way of Council, shamanic practices, wilderness practices- including vision fasts and seminars, meditation, singing and voice, movement, dance and Tai Chi as tools on the journey with you, weaving a web that holds you in a cocoon of healing and Mystery-intiated Self transformation.

As a Naturopath, I call upon my training in Deep Tissue and Myofascial Massage, Ortho Bionomy®,  herbal medicine and plant allies, nutrition, gut health and Nature Coaching to create a path of nourishment and to facilitate processes of self-regulation. I believe that we are whole, healthy, beautiful beings that cannot be dirty, broken or wrong. My way is to nourish and support the body, to do its work of Self-Healing and balancing. Therefore, while lab results are helpful as markers to measure progress or discover low or high levels of vitamins, minerals, hormones and inflammation, I am not interested per se in diagnosis. I am interested in re-wilding medicine. Medicine comes from plants, from common wild weeds, and from our nutrition. Medicine comes in the form of energy, touch, emotional flow and the release of trauma from the cells of the body. This work of healing the dis-balance of civilization as it manifests in humans as dis-ease from chemicals, plastics, heavy metals, pesticides, stress, sugar, metabolic disorders, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune related disorders- is what i am about in my practice. Remembering the body, remembering the body as nature, remembering nature as home, remembering our unique soul home within the unitive consciousness of love.